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How far do you travel?
As far as you want me to! I am based in Bristol and I can travel 1h30 on your wedding morning before an overnight stay is required. 

How many people can you do Makeup and Hair on a Wedding morning?
I can do a total of 6-7 services (Hair/Makeup) before I need a second Artist. Don't worry, I will source a suitable artist that has a very similar style to me so you don't have to deal with another supplier or extra invoices. I will also put together a morning schedule so everyone knows where to be and the morning runs smoothly and stress-free. 

Can you do a full face of makeup using only vegan products?
Yes!  I am slowly replacing my kit with cruelty-free options, and I can 100% do a full face of makeup using only vegan and cruelty-free products. 

How far in advance should I book? 
I recommend securing your day as soon as you find a supplier that you love, if your wedding is booked on a Saturday in April-September, I would recommend booking 10 months in advance. Wedding suppliers can only work with one client a day so weekends in peak season are extremely popular. 

Do you travel for trials?
Trials are held at my home studio in Bristol (Bedminster) from Monday to Thursday. I can travel to your location although a travel fee and hourly rate will apply on top of your Hair and Makeup appointment. Weekend trials are very limited and will be charged as a 'Wedding rate'

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