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Every day 5 min make up routine

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Hello! On today's blog I want to share with you some tips to achieve a nice make up in no time!

My every day routine is usually the same, I might change the colour of the eyeshadow, a different blusher or lipstick.

Skin care plays a good part for a flawless finish look, I always prep my skin before make up. I used a serum first, the Clarins double serum it's amazing (a bit pricey but worth every penny), it makes my skin look radiant and healthy. I follow up with Origins Make A Difference SPF 40, it has a thick consistency so it's great for my dry skin, leaving it hydrated and protected from the sun, win, win.

Skin is prepped, not it's time for make up! I have been using a tinted moisturiser and I'm literally obsessed with it, it evens my skin tone and adds colour to it. It's so easy to apply as well, just use your fingers and blend it all out!

For concealer I use the NARS creamy concealer in the shade custard, I apply it under my eyes and on areas I want a bit of extra coverage. To blend it I use a real techniques brush and press it onto the skin.

Bronzer and blusher are a MUST in my make up routine, at the moment my go to are Milk chocolate bronzer from Too Faced and Santa Barbara blusher from Bobbi Brown, it's a beautiful pink gold blusher which adds a bit of a sheen to your cheeks.

Let's move on to the eyes, we have a few minutes left! Soft brown and Wedge by MAC are my favourite neutral eyeshadows, using a 217 MAC blending brush, I apply the eyeshadow all over the lid followed by lots of mascara. My all time favourite for big dramatic lashes it's In extreme dimension by MAC.

I finish off he look with a brow gel and a peachy creamy lipstick, my go to is Shangai Spice by MAC.

And that's it! You're ready for the day and it only took you about 5 min, not bad.

I hope you enjoy the blog, let me know If there's something you're interested to see in future blogs.


Pati x

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