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My 5 summer essentials

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Hello! This is my first ever blog so I wanted to share with you my top 5 products for the summer or when I go on holiday. I love to see what other people have in their make up bags, so I thought I would share my favourite products with you.


Protecting your skin should be your priority, I believe a good skincare routine is more important than good make up because if the skin underneath your make up is not prepped or well looked after, then anything you put on top won't work as it should, right? That's why I always put an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) first, to protect my skin from sun damage.

Tinted moisturiser

I don't know about you but I hate the feeling of heavy foundation in the summer, when it's hot it feels like it melts. I use a tinted moisturiser in the summer, it adds a little bit of coverage, evens your skin tone and in my case it blends in with the colour of my chest and arms (my face usually looks a shade lighter than the rest of my body). I can instantly see a change, my skin looks healthier, even and glowy. This summer I have been using the Beauty pie tinted moisturiser and I'm loving it!


Summer is all about bronze, glow and healthy skin. I like using a cream bronzer or a powder with a sheer finish (MAC Skinfinish in Dark Golden). Pick a couple of shades darker than your skin tone and you will get a naturally tanned look. Remember, apply your bronzer on your forehead, cheeks and a bit on your nose (where the sun naturally hits the skin).

Cream blusher

We now have a nice base, but we need some colour on our cheeks! I love a cream blusher, you can apply them with your fingers, they look very natural and blend really nice with the skin. I have been using 'Pingasm' from Charlotte Tilbury.

Bold lip

As our skin is looking gorgeously glowy and tanned now (I reccommend not much on the eyes, just lots of mascara), a bold lip will finish the look beautifully. I love a red or red-orange colour! My favourite for the summer is Lady Danger by Mac.

I hope you enjoyed the blog and please leave a comment with your faves for the summer, I'd love to know !

Pati x

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