Who I am 




Allow me to introduce myself. As you know my name is Pati, I was born in Madrid and adopted by Bristol. I even have the accent! The Spanish one, still working on the Bristolian vocabulary! Sorry I digress. You need to know about my make-up skills.


I’ve been creative since the day I was born. This led me to express my love for all things colour into the hair and make-up industry. I love nothing more than to enhance your natural beauty, because you are already beautiful.


My dad sent me to England as he felt it would be the best education I could get for growing as a make-up artist.  So, armed with only 4 English words to my vocabulary I arrived.  My dad had so much faith in me becoming a success the ticket he bought me was one way! He does love me!


I loved every minute of my training in Bath and Bristol, and I have some amazing skills which I get to use in TV & film, theatre, bridal, fashion and every-day make-up in my role at MAC cosmetics creating the perfect look for every-day, but also sharing my knowledge so you are comfortable to go home and recreate this for yourself.


When you can, check out my Instagram and you will find videos of me working these skills.


I am honoured that you stopped by to have a look at this page.  I am really approachable so you can call me even if it is just for a chat.  Just imagine what we could do together. Share your dream look and let’s make it happen.